Aug. 22nd, 2012 The Lifeblood of Post


MEETING AGENDA: The Lifeblood of Post: Data Wrangling, Media Storage, Media Technology & Archiving.  

Without fast, reliable storage and archiving, your post production operation is dead.  This night is dedicated to this very important and often overlooked aspect of what we all do. 


Data Wrangling 101 featuring Imagine Products’ Dan Montgomery

Dan the man behind awesome data wrangling products like ShotPut to help properly move data from digital cameras to media storage.  In this fast paced presentation, Dan goes over the finer points of data wrangling to ensure that what you shoot in the field makes it back to the edit suite.   There’s nothing worse than losing that hard earned data and trying to “fix it in post.”   If you shoot with digital cameras, this is must-see presentation.


Hard Drives: Spindles vs. SSD vs. LTO for edit and archive featuring Jahret Sylvester of Avastor

Hard Drives are changing on almost a daily basis and when one chooses their drives for computers, RAIDs, archival storage, what’s the difference between the various technologies today?  They all work, there’s just trade offs between the various units from price to performance to reliability.  Jahret helps cut through the clutter of the right drive to pick for your needs.  Presented by


Mass Media Storage presented by Platinum Sponsor: Small Tree Communications

We welcome back one of out most popular presenters, Steve Modica, of Small Tree Communications who will walk through changes happening on the mass media storage arrays.  Thunderbolt, what can and can’t it do.  There’s a lot of misinformation and miscommunication out there on what you can do with Thunderbolt.   4TB “Advanced Format Drives” that are just hitting the market and how their performance compares to the hard drives out there today.  Titanium, Small Tree’s all-in-one SAN solution that removes the requirement for a computer to manage the data.


Date: Aug. 22nd

Networking / Registration: 6:00pm      Light catering provided 

Meeting: 7:00 – 10:00pm

Raffle: 10:00pm  

Location: The Weather Channel, Room TBA

10:00pm: Raffle

Cost: Free!


Seating is limited for this event so be sure to register early.  ABSOLUTELY NO seating will be issued once registration closes due to stringent security regulations at The Weather Channel.




 Catering for the evening is being generously provided by:TBA

Raffle  Each attendee will receive 2 raffle tickets free. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased 3 for $5.00 and 7 for $10. Cash Only

Raffle Items: We’ll update as more items become available

$500 stock footage Gift Certificate

   1 Copy of Mocha Pro