February 22, 2012: Canon C300

Date: February 22nd, 2012

Networking / Registration: 6:00pm    Light catering provided including finger foods and soft drinks.

Meeting: 7:00 – 10:00pm

Raffle: 10:00pm  (well somewhere around 10pm, we might run a bit long)

Location: Turner Studios, 1000 Techwood Drive NW, Atlanta (directions below)


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MEETING AGENDA: The Changing Face of Post/ Canon C300

Let’s face it, the “Post” world today is not the same as it used to be. In order to be competative, grow your business, or heck even just having a steady stream of work, requires competency, basic business sense and being open to think about your business in terms other than “Post” because it’s VERY difficult to build a Post only business today, if not impossible with the unparalleled access to post tools today by everyone.   So how do you build a business today if everyone has the tools? Come to the meeting to glean some insight from Pro’s who have had to do that very thing.

First Half

Member Video Screening – We are kicking off our member “Screen and Critique” We have had a few suggestion about how nice it would be for us to view videos from our members. We will screen three or four member submitted videos and give the editor ect. a few min to describe the post process and take questions from the group. For information on the submission process please email kris at atlantacutters(dot)com


The Changing Face of Post – with Walter Biscardi Jr., Owner of Biscardi Creative Media  and Special Guest TBA

Walter has grown his business from an edit suite in his spare bedroom to opening a 6000 square foot facility in 2011. But in today’s marketplace, it’s not that easy to differentiate yourself from the “masses” who now have access to tools that are oftentimes equal to what we use in “traditional Post facilities.”   So how does an editor or even a Post company stay viable in today’s “my nephew / neice can edit for us now” world?  How does a new, fresh out of college, well taught media “professional” get a foothold in today’s marketplace?   Walter shares some of his insights from over 20 years in the Post world on where he sees the business today and where he thinks it is moving going forward.   Whether you are a business owner, Freelance artist or on staff as part of a creative team, you will not want to be left out of the conversation.


Second Half

Canon USA- C300 and other goodies

Canon brings the C300 camera to Atlanta Cutters giving the group a first look at this widely discussed and loved camera. Last Nov. when the C300 was announced, there was a lot speculation as to why canon released a camera that did not seemingly have the specs that competitors cameras had, and at a price that was well out of reach of many. Well, after many hands on opportunities, the reviews are very favorable for this new camera. Come see how it works with your post workflow.

 Q and A

Raffle 10:00

Directions to Turner Studios

Everybody should come to the main gate on Techwood Drive between 10th & 14th Streets. This is the main entrance using the 1000 Techwood Drive as your locator.

They will be directed to visitor parking under the 1000 Building and then it’s a short walk from there to the 1015 Building




Cost: Free!


REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO ATTEND! You will not be able to enter the Turner Studios complex unless you are on the security list. Seating is limited.  Please note you will be required to show Photo ID prior to entering the parking lot and again when you enter the building.


You must Register in Advance!  Click Here to Register


 Catering for the evening is being generously provided by:



Each attendee will receive 2 raffle tickets free.

Additional raffle tickets can be purchased 3 for $5.00 and 7 for $10. Cash Only


Raffle items coming soon

18 DVD Production Music Library!
$500 of Stock Footage.
Magic Bullet Colorista IIKnoll Light FactoryMagic Bullett Suite 11 
2 Free On Demand Webinars
1 Copy of Mocha Pro
  DigiSuite v2.5
   Airstash Wireless Flash Drive 8GB

We’ll update as more items become available.