Oct.24, 2012 Making Web Based Content Earn Money


MEETING DATE: October 24th

MEETING AGENDA: The Changing Face of Post, A Discussion;   Audio/Video Sync with LCD Panels;  and Making Web Based Content Earn Money!


Why do we face so many audio / video sync issues with today’s LCD based professional monitors?
Flanders Scientific co-founder, Bram Desmet gives a short presentation on an issue many of us find vexing in our edit suites.   Audio / Video sync.   Why is it that in today’s world, multi-frame sync offsets are the norm when we never had those issues with our trust CRT monitors.   It should be so simple, Bram will explain what’s really going on and of course, take your questions.




Bram Desmet is the General Manager of Flanders Scientific located right here in Suwanee.





The Changing World of Post Production

Based on a great presentation from Michael Cioni at IBC, Turner Studio’s Dan Daube will lead a follow up discussion on the pulse of Atlanta and how we’re seeing Post change right here in our town.   As many of you know, Atlanta is one of the top Post Production markets in the world. As Post changes, so does Atlanta……


Dan Daube has been with Turner Studios Post-Production group for almost 10 years. His 30 year career has taken him from coast to coast.  As Director of Editorial, Dan has been part of tremendous growth for Turner Studios. Beyond expansion in suites and overall resources though, there’s a strong commitment to client service and creativity.




Making Web Based Content Earn Money

Earning money from web based content seems to be the hard part.   Everyone wants videos and content for free for their computers and smart devices and every day there seems to be a thousand new people offering free “stuff” on the internet.   So how do you create something to cut through the clutter and actually earn you money?   Producer, Carl Olson will share how he’s been able to partner with an industry leader in their field and develop a simple idea into something that has generated some serious money in just over a year.   It’s not about “going viral,” it’s smartly choosing a direction to go that is underserved by traditional means.   Find the opportunities and exploit them rather than just trying to be the guy to “one up” everyone else.   This will be a great discussion of what has worked for Carl and will be sure to generate a lot of discussion from the group.

Carl Olson, Jr. is an Atlanta area based video content producer, photographer, visual artist, software developer, and host of the Digital Convergence Podcast – a talk show about photography, video and post production.  Carl has worked for many years as a freelance photographer, graphic designer, multimedia author, and software developer. He was awarded by the National Association of Independent Record Artists (NAIRD) “Best Album Cover Design” for Patrick O’Hearn’s Grammy-nominated album Trust. He recently co-founded a new venture called Reets.TV – a company that produces and sells training videos for the water damage restoration industry.




Date: October 24, 2012

Networking / Registration: 6:00pm      Light catering provided 

Meeting: 7:00 – 10:00pm

Raffle: 10:00pm  

Location: Turner Studios

10:00pm: Raffle

Cost: Free!






Turner Studios, 1000 Techwood Drive, Atlanta

Everybody should come to the main gate on Techwood Drive between 10th & 14th Streets. This is the main entrance using the 1000 Techwood Drive as your locator. You will be directed to visitor parking under the 1000 Building and then it’s a ride up the elevator and a short walk from there to the 1015 Building.


 Catering for the evening is being generously provided by:

Raffle  Each attendee will receive 2 raffle tickets free. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased 3 for $5.00 and 7 for $10. Cash Only

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$500 stock footage Gift Certificate

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