Thank you Atlanta for your enthusiasm!

When we got together to put this little group together, the four of us knew there was a desire and a need for a group like this.  What didn’t realize was HOW BIG that need was.   We have managed to “sell out” 220 seats for the inaugural Atlanta Cutters meeting coming up this Wednesday, July 27th.

50 to 100 people would have been exciting for us, but 220?!?   We are truly humbled.   Moving forward we plan to make this one of the best and most enjoyable User Groups in the country and for that, we’re gonna need your help.  While the four of us have some good ideas for the upcoming meetings, we need to hear from you.   What types of topics, workflows and tools would you like to see?   Are there folks here in town that we should feature at a meeting and why?

Sign up to be a Member of Atlanta Cutters and as part of that, you can tell us some of the topics you’d like to see.   Getting input from everyone will help us to make this the most enjoyable and informational group we can create.

Thanks so much for your help and THANK YOU for all your enthusiasm.

Walter, Kris, Clay & Dan

Proud Founding Members of Atlanta Cutters