Hey Y’all and welcome to the Creative Professionals User Group for Atlanta and of course all of the surrounding areas.    Too many times these User Groups are application centric and that seems to leave too many folks out.   After all in today’s world, we’re all wearing a lot of hats.  Because the tools have gotten so much more accessible, all of us are multi-tasking to do whatever it takes to get the job done for the client.   So it’s a rarity today to find any Production Artist who does just one task or even one area of the industry.

In that spirit, we created the Atlanta Cutters in 2011.   We definitely spend a lot of time talking about the tools we all use, but moreso, we host discussions on the craft of what we do, how we all interact and the convergence of the various disciplines.  Such as the merging of production and post.   So while you’re going to see a lot of product demonstrations, you’re also going to hear from folks on the hows and whys of what they do.   We hope the combination of tools and stories will inspire and motivate all of us to do what we do better.   We hope the group fosters more collaboration by introducing new tools, workflows and even local artists to each other.

Most of all, we hope this group is something you look forward to once a month as a fun place to go.   Twitter, Facebook and web forums are great for all of us to connect and help each other, but let’s put the voice and face together with the avatar.  Networking face to face with your fellow creatives.  That’s what we’re really here for!

So to one and all in the Post Production Community, we say welcome to Atlanta Cutters!

Walter, Dan, T.J., and Robbie




Next Event – Audio Tips and Workflow from Production to Post

We’re excited to finally bring about a longtime Atlanta Cutters Members request.  An event centered around good quality audio production.  From choosing the right microphone and microphone placement for your field production all the way through final mix and original music, we’re going to show you ways to improve your audio quality and workflow from start to finish.

To lead the event, we’re thrilled to welcome two Atlanta veterans who should be familiar to all Atlanta Cutters members.  Director of Photography Marion Laney (Good Eats) and Sound Designer Michael Cardillo (Sound for Editors)

ATL Cutters_Aug22_Guests

Date: Saturday, August 22

5:30 – 7:00 pm      Networking, Dinner (buffet), Drinks (cash bar), and a Sponsor Showcase and meet the panelists.  

7:00pm  First Raffle Pull!  (must be present to win, raffle items will be pulled throughout the event)

7:00 – 9:30pm “Audio Workflow” demonstrations and Q&A featuring 

9:30pm:   Raffle Conclusion

Cost: $10   

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 97 10th Street, Atlanta.

Full Details on the Next Meeting Page including Raffle Details.

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